The Best Brunch Specials in Minnesota - A Guide to the Twin Cities' Finest

Are you looking for the best brunch specials in Minnesota? Look no further! From Eggy's Diner to Maya Cuisine, there are plenty of great restaurants and bars in the Twin Cities that offer delicious brunch specials.

The Best Brunch Specials in Minnesota - A Guide to the Twin Cities' Finest

Are you looking for the best brunch specials in Minnesota? Look no further! From Eggy's Diner to Maya Cuisine, the Twin Cities have plenty of great restaurants and bars that offer delicious brunch specials. Whether you're craving classic breakfast dishes, wood-fired pizza, or something a little more exotic like shakshuka or hummus, you'll find something to satisfy your cravings. Chimborazo is a great place to start if you're looking for a classic Ecuadorian brunch. Try their llapingachos (potato pancakes filled with cheese and served with a rich peanut sauce) or cheese empanadas sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Don't forget to try their chicha morada, a Peruvian purple drink made from dried corn. Maya Cuisine in Northeast is a local favorite for tacos and tortas with stuffed chili. They offer a brunch buffet every Sunday starting at 10am, with dishes like tamales, mole and pozole dishes, as well as pancakes, French toast and desserts. Recent specialties include shrimp fajitas, buttered cod and seafood soup.

Nolo's is located in one of the liveliest parts of the city, but still has a homey neighborhood feel. Their weekend brunch menu includes everything from classic breakfast dishes (country breakfasts, sweet potato hash with chipotle and malted waffles) to wood-fired pizza. Breakfast fried rice seasoned with sausages and sesame kale is a great savory option. The Lynhall's brunch menu is impressive.

Feast on spiced salmon scrambled eggs, shakshouka and rye crepes with pistachio butter in their sunny dining room. But what stands out most are their pastry, chocolate and pistachio croissants, almost as big as loaves of bread, filled with rich pastry creams. Heather's offers changing brunch specials such as upside-down pancakes with pineapple and a classic croque-madame. Or opt for a classic breakfast like an open egg sandwich or plate of crepes.

Hot Hands is all about the crust! For brunch, choose from a selection of savory tarts, vegetable pie, buffalo pie or chicken pie (popularly known as one of the best in Minnesota) or sweet tarts such as nut chess, sweet potato or banana cream topped with mascarpone piled up like ski tycoons. The menu also includes cookies, a sausage roll for breakfast and other pastries. Hope Breakfast Bar has an extensive menu of savory dishes for brunch. Try the smoked salmon toast with bourbon, the poblano stuffed with fried eggs and tortillas or the steak and fried eggs with chicken.

For something sweet try the carrot cake pancakes made with real pie crust. Hope donates three percent of its profits to neighborhood causes through its non-profit organization Give Hope. Our Kitchen is a small restaurant on West 36th Street that looks more like a country house than a bustling place for breakfast. But come in for one of the best restaurant breakfasts you can find in Minneapolis! The pancakes are roughly carved and covered with chocolate chips; the potato croquettes have a golden crispy top.

Warning: You may have to wait to keep one of the bar stools. Mara at the Four Seasons hotel in downtown Minneapolis offers an exclusive brunch with delicious shakshuka, silky hummus or a “croiffle” (a hybrid between a croissant and waffle). Gavin Kaysen's affinity for Mediterranean cuisine is also reflected in dishes such as Mara Benedict topped with snow crab and spicy harissa or light and sour Labneh ice cream with layers of roasted apples and wild rice granola. Saint Genevieve is an intimate French bistro that serves a delicate omelet of the day in its elegant and focused brunch menu.

Try the wild mushroom and brie crepe or shakshouka in cocotte with bacon and harissa. They also serve excellent Vietnamese coffee, mimosas and Bloody Marys. Baldamar is already known for its offering of business lunches and its Sunday brunch (at least according to OpenTable who ranked it among the 100 best in the country). This classic South Minneapolis restaurant has been serving Cuban dishes and classics for more than 20 years.

Colombian restaurant Phillip's neighborhood specializes in both Colombian food and classic American breakfast dishes. The Lurcat Café and Bar located next to Loring Park is an urban modern place that has good food and fashionable design. Enjoy their five-course brunch featuring favorites such as smoked Norwegian salmon, French toast, Bananas Foster and more. No matter what type of brunch you're looking for, you'll find something special in Minnesota! From classic Ecuadorian dishes to wood-fired pizza to shakshuka - there's something for everyone! So grab your friends or family members and head out to one of these great restaurants for an unforgettable brunch experience.

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